“Why Not Them?” By Lloyd Lewis as told to Corinne Joy Brown

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When Lloyd Lewis learned that his fourth child was born with Down Syndrome, he never doubted that his little boy would grow into a fine human being with all the love and opportunities every child has a right to.

If he couldn’t change young Kennedy’s condition, he would change the world Kennedy was born into.

Today, arc Thrift stores employ over 400 persons with intellectual or physical disabilities, leading the way for companies everywhere to rethink the question of inclusion.

Why Not Them? How one man’s love for his some born with Down Syndrome is changing the world for persons with disabilities.


“What a delightful and uplifting story! Sheds light on the disability community and the wonderful work being done to employ those that are differently-abled. An inspiration.”

– Kathy Kinsey

“Sometimes, a story exists that is too good not to share. That’s the case of arc Thrift Stores and its CEO, Lloyd Lewis. In an age of division, Mr. Lewis has elevated not just the financial profit of his company, but the ethical and moral profit as well. His drive to make Arc a community, a village of caring people that advance the cause of people with disabilities is inspirational. It shows that profit and compassion CAN go hand in hand.The personal stories of Mr. Lewis with his son Kennedy and the stories of many of the other positively impacted people with disabilities at Arc are moving. You will have welled up eyes and a full heart after reading this memoir.”

– Derek Blass

  • By Lloyd Lewis as told to Corinne J.  Brown
  • ISBN 978-1-947841-60-4
  • Size: 6″ x 9″