“Sanctuary Ranch” By Corinne Joy Brown & Junior Michael Ray

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Somewhere between the windswept ridges of Northern Wyoming and the heat of a New Jersey summer lies the dream of a young woman’s life – to become a Western music star, in spite of all odds.

Talented musician and singer Amelia Talbot sells out to a pair of Nashville promoters who promise her the financial success that eludes her. Destitute, she accepts their challenge to undergo a makeover, turning her into a “daughter of the American West.

Taking advantage of a debt owed by an old Army buddy, they convince ranch owner Jess McLain, a former rodeo star and musician himself, to take her in to the J Bar M and help her reach her goal, secretly cutting him into the deal. Burdened with debt, Jess reluctantly accepts, knowing the odds are against Amy’s success.

She arrives, bringing her deepest problem with her – her dependence on alcohol. Together they will face the beauty and harshness of life on the land until each reaches the pinnacle that assures both of their places in it – and also tears them apart.


“Junior Michael Ray and Corinne Joy Brown take readers on a journey through the Modern West in ‘Sanctuary Ranch’, a story of love, regret, redemption and promise with all the elements of a Lifetime movie of the week.”

– Johnny D Boggs, “Spur” and “Wrangler” Award-winning author (“Spark on the Prairie”)

“East clashes with West in ‘Sanctuary Ranch’ as a New Jersey Nashville wannabe is sentenced to a dose of a contemporary working Wyoming ranch. Junior Michael Ray and Corinne Joy Brown merge well these often conflicting worlds in this clever tale of redemption, humility, and hope.”

–  David Marion Wilkinson, Award-winning author (“One Ranger and Not Between Brothers”)

“They started at a county fair in New Jersey with a girl and a microphone, and two thousand miles west, in that altar to the American rodeo cowboy, they showed you why there’s a bucking horse on every Wyoming license plate. A read that’s hard to put down – take my word, real people ride the pages.”

– Dusty Richards, Author (“The Horse Creek Incident”)

“…A great story about real people: some trying to find their shining star and some that are trying to catch the star that got away. Easily a movie, the kind of story that was hard to put down. Waiting for a sequel so I can see what happens in the life of this old-time rodeo man and his girl…”

– Don Endsley, Producer/Director, Great American Wild West Show, and Former PRCA National Finals Rodeo Announcer

“Sanctuary Ranch” will easily hold the readers interest from cover to cover. Jess and Amy are from opposite worlds but through a strange quirk of fate find a true connection. Their challenges and adventures are often brutal and life changing. Both have demons to face and conquer, but also have the strength and determination only those at the top of their game seem to muster. The authors have successfully blended the world of music, ranching and rodeo in an emotional yet unique and entertaining way.”

– Gayle Woerner, “A Belly Full of Bedsprings, A History of Bronc Riding”

  • Hardcover edition only
  • ISBN 1-59414-450-8
  • Size: 6″ x 8 3/4″