“MacGregor’s Lantern” By Corinne Joy Brown

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“MacGregor’s Lantern” is Corinne Brown’s first critically acclaimed novel. Published by Five Star, the reviews below give a only a hint of the rich flavor of Scottish and immigrant culture that came to the American West and left a legacy that endures today.


“Woven with the strong cords of history, romance and intrigue, ‘MacGregor’s Lantern’ is a finely paced, fast reading, well-told tale of Maggie, a strong-minded, high-spirited woman who takes destiny’s hand and heads West to Colorado’s South Park with the incorrigible Scotsman Kerr McKennon in the late 1800’s.

What Maggie discovers in her encounters with her unfathomable husband, his proud business partner, Hugh Redmond MacGregor, and the poor farmboy turned cowboy, Billy, is nothing less than the untamed landscape of her own heart.

Underlying Maggies’ personal journey is the story of countless others who came West to seek their dreams, bringing with them the traditions and legacies of their home countries. Written with splendid care, Corinne Brown’s story of Maggie and the ranch she comes to love above all else is both meaningful and memorable.”

– Laurie Wagner Buyer, Colorado Author ( “Glass Eyed Paint In the Rain”, and “Red Colt Canyon”)

“Corinne J. Brown’s ‘MacGregor’s Lantern’ is a fascinating, intricate excursion into the heart of the west, that place where dreams and deeds meet to create myth. The story of Maggie McKennon, a willful, vulnerable, yet ultimately forceful woman of extraordinary inner strength, this tale is that rare novel that allows the reader to completely enter the protagonist’s world.

Maggie’s story is that of a thousand women who followed their dreams and families to the western frontier. It’s also the story of a unique woman caught up in the political and romantic intrigue with three men: her husband, the forceful Scottish cattleman Kerr McKennon: the intractable, sometimes ruthless Scotsman, Hugh MacGregor, and the instinctive Billy, a man whose heart is as big as the Western sky.

Brown’s descriptions of frontier Colorado and Wyoming are dead-on, and she writes with the passion of a skilled observer. Her writing delivers the pristine natural elements and awe-inspiring vistas of Colorado’s South Park directly to the mind’s eye.

‘MacGregor’s Lantern’ begs the question, “why don’t the Scottish cattlemen occupy a lofty historical pinnacle alongside the legendary frontiersmen like Charles Goodnight or Oliver Loving?” This scrupulously researched and artfully written novel may well correct the situation.”

– Jon Chandler, author of “The Spanish Peaks”, winner of the 1999 Medicine Pipe Bearer’s Award for Best First Novel given by Western Writers of America.

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