“Finding Home” By Corinne Joy Brown & Ginny McDonald

Finding Home” wins 2nd place at the recent Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association 2020 awards under “Animals and Nature.”

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Curly Girl

For every girl or boy who owns a horse, or wished they did, “Finding Home” brings all the drama and beauty of America’s wild horses to the middle grade reader.

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A coming-of-age story and a tale about friendship, trust and understanding, both horse and owner have powerful lessons to learn.

Together, young Jesse Nolan from Colorado and her wild mustang, Curly Girl, rounded up in Wyoming, discover what it means to rely on oneself, as well as those who love you most.

A poignant reminder of our shared responsibility to save and protect one of the American West’s most noble creatures – the Mustang.

The first book in a series by Loose Cayuse Productions, a new publishing entity by Corinne Joy Brown and illustrator Ginny McDonald.

“Finding Home” is a Spur Finalist in the Western Writers of America 2020 Spur Awards

“Finding Home” is a Spur Finalist in the Western Writers of America 2020 Spur Awards
Best Western Juvenile Fiction Category


“Born in the flatlands of Rock Springs, Wyoming, newborn mustang Pahaska tells the heart-wrenching story of her separation from her mother and the wild horse herd she was born into. Captured by strangers, her entire world has disintegrated. Penned in the filthy, manure-filled confines of a horse hauler’s trailer, her life is changed forever. Finding Home, a 2020 Spur Finalist for Juvenile Fiction, is a brilliantly written story about the adoption of the mustang “Curly Girl” by a teen who has always dreamed of having her own horse. Ginny McDonald’s illustrations convey fine detail and emotion in the images of the horses, bringing each one to life. This heart-warming tale will appeal to those with a love for animals.”

– Joni Franks, RoundUp Magazine, Western Writers of America

“This beautifully written and illustrated book will appeal to any animal loving young reader. Differences (equine and otherwise) are applauded, working through complicated human relationships, a philosophical, well balanced approach to difficult issues (wild horse roundups), and positive animal training techniques are included in this educational, riveting new book!”

– Nancy Sachs, Director Platte Valley Pony Club:

“To see the world through the eyes of a newborn filly as she grows into adulthood, or an excited young girl in search of her first horse, is a treasure found in Corinne Joy Brown’s novel Finding Home, a story of loss and recovery told in a brilliant way. The illustrations by Ginny McDonald help to refine the wonderful writing which places the reader squarely in the experience of Curly Girl and Jesse, her adopter. Finding Home is a wonderful story for our time, in consideration of the wild horses whose freedom is threatened across the West and the people who adopt the captured ones into loving homes.”

– James A. Holmes CEO and Executive Director, Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation

More Reviews For “Finding Home”

“…This is a delightful and beautifully illustrated book for young and old alike. ”

Do you like horses? You will love this book!

Absolutely beautiful, middle grade book, sweet story, gorgeous illustrations. (Some of the illustrations are frame worthy!) My iRead Book Tour stop on Friday, Aug 14. (Hint: I love it!)

This is such a sweet story of the strong love of horses and the dedication that it takes to actually owning and caring for a young animal with a mind of its own. Told through the POV of Jesse Nolan as well as the thoughts of Curly Girl, a young mare with unusually curly hair and mane, she is one of the wild mustangs of Wyoming. Both have a lot to learn, although Jesse shows remarkable dedication and maturity for a young teen. It’s a heavy responsibility for one so young.

The story includes information about the wild horses that particularly roam the northwestern region of the US, including the mustangs. It brought to mind one of the rides we took the year we decided to head north into Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. On a lonely ribbon of road out in nowhere, we became aware of a group of horses riding parallel with us on the other side of the road. Fascinated, we pulled over to watch them and discovered to our delight the herd, as a unit, also stopped to watch us. When we resumed out ride, so did they. So beautiful.

Jesse and her estranged family work out the care for the little filly, realizing the loneliness and fear she is experiencing having been separated from her mother and wild herd. It’s not easy and there’s a learning curve on both sides, human and equine, but not just for Jesse—her family as well. It’s a lovely tale of friendship and trust, learning to accept and work together, love and family.

A sweet story and the illustrations are just wonderful: emotional, loving, and lend sooo much .It is easy to see the love for and dedication to these magnificent animals.

I received this beautiful book for the book tour and so appreciate the opportunity to read and review. Wholly recommended for the young set, as well as the young in heart.

by Rosepoint Publishing

This is such a lovely book and even though it is written for ages 9-12, it’s one that all ages will enjoy.

Finding Home features the thoughts of two “girls”, thirteen-year-old Jesse Nolan and a three-year-old filly who is named Curly Girl. They both have suffered separation from their families and finding each other offers them the chance to bond and to mend. Jesse’s family was broken when her mom and dad separated two years ago and, working at her uncle’s ranch in Wyoming during her summer break, she is given a chance to meet a beautiful horse with golden spirals. During a roundup, Curly Girl had been separated from her mother and other wild horses in their herd and taken to be sold at a special horse auction. As Jesse works to prove that she is trustworthy and capable of owning a horse, Curly Girl learns to trust this young girl caring for her, and they both are given the gifts of love, acceptance, and family.

“She was home and home felt good. Now I know the truth, thought Curly, with a satisfied munch. Home isn’t only where you live or where you come from. Home is where you’re loved.”

This is a wonderful story for young horse lovers who yearn for their own horse but it also  speaks to those who are struggling with family issues or the pressures of growing up. Finding Home illustrates the need of both humans and animals to feel loved and protected, it shows that trust is sometimes hard to achieve, and it calls attention to the wild horses that still roam our western United States. Author Corinne Joy Brown eloquently shares the plight of these wild horses and the illustrations by Ginny McDonald are both beautiful and powerful! I highly recommend this heartwarming story!

I received a complimentary copy of this book but I was in no way obligated to write a positive review. These are my own thoughts.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Connie Porter Saunders, Older Smarter Blog

If you want to escape to another world, this book is a great choice.

Although this is geared toward 8-12 year old children, I think this book is good choice for adults too. The story is very interesting, and it’s full of information I didn’t know about wild Mustangs. It is told through both Jesse and Curly Girl, and I love that you get to find out what Curly Girl is thinking.

This is a very “feel good” book about the relationship between a girl and her horse, and how close they became. The bond between Jesse and Curly Girl was very touching.

If you want to escape to another world, this book is a great choice. It would be a great gift for the children in your life, especially those who love animals.

Jesse is a young girl who has dreamed of having her own horse and finally gets her chance when there is a special auction for wild horses known as mustangs. This story follows along on her adventure as she brings her horse home to be cared for.

I loved that half of the story was told from the perspective of the horse named Curly Girl. It is an unexpected twist and makes it fun to read. Curly Girl, named because of her beautiful coat, gives Jesse and her family a hard time but eventually finds her way home after some near tragedy.

The illustrations were gorgeous and so well done. I assumed that both author and illustrator had some connection to horses because of the way the book was written. I was correct in that assumption when I found out the (spoiler) Curly Girl is a real horse!

Overall, I liked this book and recommend it for any horse lovers out there. 4 stars!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

Michelle,  Look Books

What a fun read. 

I always love getting the chance to read a horse or Cowboy book.  No matter the intended audience because I like to find books that I can share with my horse crazy grand kids.

Books like Finding Home are great to encourage young readers. Our family loves horses.  We love the chance to read stories about horses and love to be able to share them. Finding Home was a great book that we are adding to our shelf.

It is well written and helps the reader learn about about the Wild Horses can be trained and socialized and become a part of someone’s family. Finding Home is another great read that can be shared by the family. If you are looking books to add to your homeschooling plans or just have extra time to read together this is one you will want to check out.

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