“Awesome Art Activities For Horse Lovin’ Kids Volume 1”

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Six Projects For Middle Grade Students Ages 10 and Up

Easy to follow, fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions for any group leader to follow. Materials, concepts and examples

Click-n-download the “Teacher’s Guide” with bonus ideas & suggestions!

First Place for Children's Non-Fiction at the Evvy's, the Colorado Independent Publishers' Association annual book awards

First Place for Children’s Non-Fiction at the Evvy’s, the Colorado Independent Publishers’ Association annual book awards.

Books about art and horses go together like peanut butter and jelly!

As a horse owner myself when I was a kid, I spent countless hours drawing my favorite animal. My love of art took me to Boston University on an art scholarship where I majored in art education and received a BFA. I came home to Denver to teach in the Jefferson County school system at the junior high level, something I truly enjoyed. Another degree in art history anchored my appreciation for art over the centuries.

I know this— if a child loves horses, drawing them is one way to enhance that love.

Here is the first of a two-volume set exploring various approaches to artistic creativity with real art materials. Every lesson was tested on bona-fide, horse-crazy kids. They did not disappoint! Not only did they have tons of fun, they learned something too.

These lessons allow for personal and individual expression. It’s all about process, not product.That way everybody is an artist!

For children and grown-ups alike.